Company Overview

Our Mission

Thelan exists to provide Project Management leadership to its clients across multiple industries worldwide. We are a professional services firm whose Project Management consultancy practice - with core competencies in Strategy, Planning, and Implementation - is at the center of our services offering.

At Thelan, high performing, well-trained consultants help clients achieve their objectives by providing personalized service defined by consistent quality. The mission of our company is honored every time our people exceed the expectations of our clients.

  • People Matter.
  • We Must add Value.
  • Performance is Paramount.

Washington DC

  • 444 North Capitol St NW
    Washington, DC 20001
  • (202) 817-2000
    (202) 817-2009


  • 708 Main Street
    Houston, TX 77002
  • (832) 766-6969
    (202) 817-2004